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Team Transformation

Your team is probably unhappy

It’s nothing personal, it’s just statistically probable.

Attrition is at an all-time high. Gone are the days of mutual employee-company loyalty. Team members leave, and they’re not shy about why: they aren’t challenged or engaged, they don’t see upward mobility, they’re spinning in circles. And instead of changing the perception or reality, “leaders” would often rather wait to replace them instead of try to keep them around.

You can do something about it

Most leaders just don’t care

Low-morale teams are low-performing teams, if you insist on boiling it down to commercial consequence. More than that, though, the best talent have options to join true mission-oriented, people-focused, individual-supporting, growth-encouraging companies. If your team is going to pretend to “build culture” instead of actually transforming the team experience, then you’re destined to fail.