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We’re happy (and sort of shocked) that you’re still interested in working together. But honestly, it’ll be so much easier than trying to connect via a website.

If you’re tired of consultants who can’t deliver, contact us on LinkedIn. What’s the worst that happens?

Frequently asked questions

Is this a joke?

No way. As former consultants ourselves, and the unfortunate recipients of their shortsighted advice, we know that things need to change. It starts with honest instead of pandering evaluation and ends with tailored responses instead of canned suggestions.

Why is it called No?

Too many consultancies and “knowledge economy leaders” base their practice on what they think their clients want to hear, or what is easiest. We’re not saying that we’ll be downers who only say “no”, but be prepared for hard conversations.

What companies does No work with?

No works with any company of any size. However, most of our experience is with startup and established (though not massive) SaaS companies in the media/entertainment, hospitality/travel, and _________ verticals. That being said, since our process is team-focused instead of vertical-specific, we can plug in anywhere.

Can No deliver products?

We can and do on rare occasions.