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Z – About No

We tried “normal” jobs

We are failed corporatists, successful entrepreneurs, and problematic non-conformers who now find it difficult to do anything other than help other teams succeed. We are solution architects, program managers, heads of design, engineering leads, and change managers. Despite our myriad backgrounds, the primary unifying force of No is that we have honed a process that makes teams more efficient, resilient, and performant. We’re passionate about what we do because we know there’s a better way to work, for individuals and for companies.

We’re on a path to maximize the potential of your teams and products.

Now we do this

We extend your team. We maximize potential. Unlike other consultancies, which win engagements and then try to shortcut victory, we fundamentally change your business. Our only objective is delivery through system-wide optimization. We straddle the line between insider and outsider. We truly consider ourselves part of your team, but we’re not beholden to the normal hierarchy or expectations of an employee, therefore we will perform the wild experimentation and provide the candid feedback that your teams often can’t exercise.

Not every team needs us – if you feel your well-oiled machine can’t be more… oiled… that’s fine. We know that most don’t feel that way, and their performance proves it.

Team No

Justin Emsoff

Technical Lead

Experienced technical lead with a proven track record of successfully guiding cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions on time and within budget.

Judson Abts

Process Lead

Dedicated process lead with a passion for optimizing workflows and driving efficiency through meticulous analysis, continuous improvement, and collaboration with teams.

David Norris

Project Lead

Experienced project lead skilled in managing diverse teams and resources to bring projects from inception to completion, ensuring quality outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction.